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About Cheques Today

Your cheque solution partner

Cheques Today has been in business for over 20 years providing our clients with business and personal cheques. We can also provide in-house cheque printing solutions to our enterprise clients.

  • Secure Cheques
  • Custom Designed Cheques
  • Small to Large Quantities
  • Custom Cheque Printing Solutions
  • Can Provide Service across Canada
  • Send a Gift Cheque to loved one or an employee. Order Now

Our Services

Cheque Printing

We can accomodate Business, Personal and Gift Cheques of any quantity.

Sell Printers

We can sell you printers for your cheque printing needs. Contact us for a quote.

Custom Solutions

We can create custom software to accomodate all of your cheque printing needs.

Faq Question

  • True Fourdrinier Watermark
  • Chemical reactivity to attempted alteration
  • Invisible imbedded fibres
  • Coloured background on cheque
  • Microprint type
  • Contact us to discuss the solution that fits your organization.

  • Same Day Rush Service (Calgary Only)
  • Binders
  • Contact us to sign-up as a Agent.

    Custom Solutions

    Cheques Today provides custom software to print your cheques in-house. We can create the software specifically for your needs.

    You can print refund, royalty, loyalty, or trust in-house.

    Agent Program

    Do you have clients that needs cheques, but either can't or wont print the cheques for them. Contact us to arrange a meeting about becoming an agent for Cheques Today.

    Digital Cheques

    The future is Digital in the payment world. Why not cheques?

    Our sister company, brige, offers digital cheques. No need to write paper cheques again.
    Visit brige

    Our Team

    Gerry Dufort

    Cheque Guru

    Contact Me

    Aaron Dufort

    Cheque Guru

    Contact Me

    Andy Dufort

    Cheque Guru

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    Gerald Paul


    Contact Me

    Pricing Table

    Business Handwritten

    1. 50 Qty.    $59
    2. 100 Qty.  $77
    3. 200 Qty.      $110
    4. 300 Qty.      $135
    5. 400 Qty.      $150
    6. 500 Qty.      $165
    7. 1000 Qty.    $240
    8. 2 cheques per page
    9. Logo
    10. business cheques

    Full Page Cheque

    1. 100 Qty.      $100
    2. 250 Qty.      $150
    3. 500 Qty.      $180
    4. 1000 Qty.    $235
    5. 2000 Qty.    $350
    6. 5000 Qty.    $700
    7. Top, Middle, or Bottom
    8. Accounting Software Compliant
    9. Logo
    10. full-page cheques

    Personal Cheques

    1. 150 Qty.    $80
    2. 300 Qty.        $110
    3. 450 Qty.        $140
    4. 1200 Qty.      $250
    5. 3600 Qty.      $600
    6. Multiple Colors
    7. Bounded
    8. Logo
    9. Multiple Signatures
    10. personal cheques
    11. clear

    Gift Cheques

    Red Bow

    1. 12 Qty.    $25
    2. 2 cheques per page
    3. Logo
    4. business cheques

    Blue Bow

    1. 12 Qty.      $25
    2. 2 cheques per page
    3. Logo
    4. business cheques

    Gold Bow

    1. 12 Qty.    $25
    2. 2 cheques per page
    3. Logo
    4. business cheques

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